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  Maria Finn  


Swanton Berry Farm, near Santa Cruz California

Artichokes and lavender in the kitchen garden at Robert Mondavi Winery

Steak and Malbec at La Cabrera in Buenos Aires

Wine Spectator

The majestic Dolomite mountain range is among the most beautiful parts of the Alps, and the lovely spa town of Merano is a central location for wine lovers to explore the many vineyards in the region.

Sunset Magazine

Homegirl Café is more than just a place to get a taco: It's also where women who have been incarcerated or at risk of joining a gang can get job training and restaurant skills like cooking, barista experience, and even gardening.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Beer.

While beer pairing has been a regular thing at beer temples like Hop Leaf in Chicago, and Monk's Kettle in San Francisco, it's recently gone upmarket-gourmet with the help of cicerones, certified beer sommeliers, that now number 152 nationwide. They help restaurant chefs match beers with everything from appetizers to desserts. —Wall Street Journal

IN MEMORIAM: Fulton Street Fish Market
Included in The Best Food Writing 2006
This essay captures the final days of the Fulton Street Fish Market, which closed earlier this year when operations were moved to Hunt's Point in the Bronx.
— Gastronomica - A Journal of Food and Culture

A Pork Based Love Story

Chef John Stewart cherished pork products so much he had a pig tattooed on his arm. He believes it was his enthusiasm for pork that ultimately won over his wifeˇfellow chef and restaurant owner, Duskie Estes. — Food Arts

Mendoza, Argentina's Wine Country

The U.S. dollar still goes far in Argentina, and Mendoza wine country, set against the foothills of the Andean mountains, can be both rugged and luxurious, at times all at once. Fortunately for people who love viticulture and trips abroad, the U.S. dollar still goes far in Argentina's Mendoza wine country. —

Gator Man

On his 65th birthday, John Tanner was going mano a mano with an outraged, feral razorback hog in an abandoned orange grove... — Saveur

Olive Oil Season in California Wine Country

Just as grape-picking and -crushing comes to an end, the olive season is getting quickly under way in northern California's wine country. —

Culinary Schools Bring Tourists Past Mexico's Heart ˝ Into Its Stomach

Learning About San Miguel de Allende Through Shopping, Chopping and Tasting —

Take a Tapas Tour of Madrid

Visitors to Spain are likely to hear a couple different versions about how tapas started. The most popular one is that when drinking beers in taverns, people placed a slice of bread over their beers to keep the flies out, hence the word "tapa" or lid. —


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