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Culinary Schools Bring Tourists Past Mexico's Heart – Into Its Stomach
Learning About San Miguel de Allende Through Shopping, Chopping and Tasting

Day of the Dead Diorama in Mexico City

Day of the Dead Diorama in Mexico City

Luxury Riviera Maya
As the name implies, this area is defined by Mayan culture and perhaps no other ancient civilization has been translated into such contemporary luxury as that of the indigenous who once ruled over this region.
— Forbes Traveler

MEXICO: Striving To Make A Better Wine
While Mexico is one of Latin America's oldest wine-producing countries, it is not well known for it.

Luis Barragàn: The Color of Paradise
While Mexico is one of Latin America's oldest wine-producing countries, it is not well known for it.
— Shorts

Mexico in Mind book imageMEXICO IN MIND

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Ranging from 1843 to present, Mexico in Mind offers a remarkably varied sampling of English speaking writers' impressions of the land south of the border. John Reed rides with Pancho Villa in 1914; Graham Greene defends Mexico's priests; Langston Hughes describes a bullfight; Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs are literally intoxicated by Mexico. Alice Adams visits Frida Kahlo's house; Ann Louise Bardach meets the mysterious Subcommandante Marcos face-to-face.

Fictional accounts are equally vivid, with short stories by Katherine Anne Porter and Ray Bradbury, and excerpts from John Steinbeck's The Pearl, Tennessee Williams' Night of the Iguanas, and Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Feet. Poets weigh in as well, from Muriel Rukeyser and Archibald MacLeish to Sandra Cisneros. From the bustle of Mexico City to coffee plantations in remote Chiapas, from Mayan ruins to the markets at Oaxaca, the scenes evoked in this anthology reflect the rich variety of the place and its history, sure to enchant vacationers, expatriates, and armchair travelers everywhere.

Alice Adams • Ann Louise Bardach • Ray Bradbury • William S. Burroughs • Frances Calderon de la Barca • Ana Castillo • Sandra Cisneros • Anita Desai • Erna Fergusson • Charles Macomb Flandrau • Donna Gershten • Graham Greene • Langston Hughes • Fanny Inglehart • Gary Jennings • Diana Kennedy • Jack Kerouac • D. H. Lawrence • Malcolm Lowry • Archibald Macleish • Ruben Martinez • Tom Miller • Katherine Anne Porter • John Reed • Luis Rodriguez • Richard Rodriguez • Muriel Rukeyser • Salman Rushdie • John Steinbeck • Edward Weston • Tennessee Williams

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