Photo Credit: Sue Johnson
  Maria Finn  


Boats in the bay in Alaska

Photo Credit: Sue Johnson

A rodeo photo from Sandra Nydegger's East Coast Circuit project

Photo Credit: Sandra Nydegger

Autumn Bird Festivals: All Eyes on the Skies
Whether with flocks of shorebirds darkening coastal skies, hawks gliding on updrafts or sandhill cranes leaving marshy plateaus for winter sanctuaries, the autumnal skies are in motion.
— The New York Times - Ahead

The East Coast Circuit
Photographer Sandra Nydegger portrays cowboys who travel the east coast rodeo circuit in hopes of winning the silver buckle.
— The Brooklyn Rail

Cape May Hawk Migration
The annual hawk count at the Cape May Bird Observatory, which begins Sept. 1 and ends Nov. 30, usually tallies 50,000 to 60,000 birds of prey passing through on their way to warmer climates, a phenomenon that has earned Cape May the title ''raptor capital of North America.''
— The New York Times

A Little Galapagos
I have two flower boxes hanging from safety guards out my kitchen windows. Each is like their own little Galapagos Island, evolving into separate Eco-systems, sown not only by me, but also by birds and small mammals.
— The New York Times

Rehabilitation: 2nd Chances
A novel prison program in New York City uses nature to teach inmates about life's larger lessons.
— Audubon Magazine

Pigeon Mumblers
"You want to know about pigeons? Go see Carmine Ruphrano, he's got the biggest coop around."
— The Chicago Review


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