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At Ski Apache, near Ruidoso, N.M., a gondola slips up the mountainside.

Carmen's Café in Marfa, Texas .

Built for Stargazing
In an astronomy village, a hush falls at night as the sky turns dark and the stars appear. Roofs roll back and telescopes aim for the heavens. All the neighbors are stargazing, and nobody turns on the lights...
— The New York Times

Dancing Scruffy Cheek-to-Scruffy Cheek: Gay Tango
Tango Evolves as Argentine Dance Floors Mix Gender Roles, But Not Genders

Gator Man
On his 65th birthday, John Tanner was going mano a mano with an outraged, feral razorback hog in an abandoned orange grove...
— Saveur

Just the ticket - Finland
The short curtains hide only the most intimate of tasks in the glass-domed "igloos" of Hotel and Igloo village Kakslauttanen in northern Finland...

Culinary Schools Bring Tourists Past Mexico's Heart – Into Its Stomach
Learning About San Miguel de Allende Through Shopping, Chopping and Tasting

36 Hours in Silver City
People who live in Silver City like to say that their town of 10,000 offers "the real New Mexico experience."
— The New York Times

Skiing Where Apaches Once Took Refuge
For those who prefer to ski in the land where Billy the Kid hid out, Kit Carson worked as a scout and where wild horses and elk still occasionally amble across the ski runs, Ski Apache is the place to go.
— The New York Times

California Chamber Music
Combine the beauty of Northern California with the drama of Beethoven's unrequited love and premature deafness, Frank Zappa's version of a tango or a Mozart string quartet performed in the barrel room of a winery. And then add wine -- lots of wine.
— The New York Times - Ahead

Marfa As Masterpiece Theater
The tiny West Texas town serves as the backdrop to large artworks by Donald Judd, as well as pieces by other well-known artists.
— L.A. Times

36 HOURS In Homer, Alaska
Homer is a small town of homesteaders and artists, fishermen and ex-hippies, with a sprinkling of outlaws and seers. These categories frequently overlap, creating a funky, dynamic town that is a bit eccentric even by Alaskan standards.
— The New York Times

Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary provides a fascinating window into American history
— The New York Sun

Summer in Homer, Alaska
Nothing seems more natural than sitting on bank above a river bubbling with salmon, while eleven Alaskan brown bears fish.
— Lexus Magazine

Cape May Hawk Migration
The annual hawk count at the Cape May Bird Observatory, which begins Sept. 1 and ends Nov. 30, usually tallies 50,000 to 60,000 birds of prey passing through on their way to warmer climates, a phenomenon that has earned Cape May the title ''raptor capital of North America.''
— The New York Times


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