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Kelp, Uni & Abalone

I've been writing about uni and kelp for some time now. My article for Vice, ​California Gold: The Uni Dynasty of Mendocino County precedes the kelp crises on the California Coast, which I covered for Edible Marin & Wine Country in the article Urchin Explosion.

And the BBC article Feeding the Urchins Off California


Love, Math & Brunello di Montalcino

What do love, math and wine have in common? Some are living, some aren't. The more natural the wine, the more biologically diverse the soil, the more alive it is, from field to cellar. 

Published in Gastronomica, spring 2021

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Ceviche In Variations

his was originally published July 2018 in the 4th issue of Kitchen Work a print quarterly journal about what and how we eat. This piece resulted from my time as a Storyteller-In-Residence at the Cayuga Resorts, Latitude 10, which was organized by Coffee Abroad. The theme was “Food with Philosophy.” I am very grateful to all the above for this experience.

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Climate Change and Seafood

Four Part Series from Hothouse that explores how local, sustainable fisheries can contribute to biodiverse and healthy oceans.

Part 1: Save the sea. Eat an oyster.

Part 2: Seawater is the new soil

Part 3: The Well-Traveled Squid

Part 4: Eat like an animal


Sunset Magazine

For three years I was on contract with Sunset Magazine to come up with ideas for the Best of the West and write them up. I also wrote the occasional feature for them. Like this one, on DIY mavens. 


Burning Many Love in Everyday Life

here’s an adage that you should never make major life decisions right after Burning Man. Once back in your “default life,” wait three months before moving in with the man you met atop a giant rubber duck art car, quitting your job in tech to become a trapeze artist, or getting a shark tattoo. This is considered enough time for the exhilaration of spontaneous love, boundless possibilities, and radical self-expression to subside. 

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Intertidal Zone

I live in an intertidal zone. During low tide, herons peck in channels running through the thick, oily mud.  Around the docks, a one-legged gull and brazen snowy egret are unafraid of the dogs that step outside to howl at the occasional raccoon or the cats fighting for territory on the docks. Skeletons of old docks still cling to the mud, relics of WWII boat building days. During the war, 20,000 people worked round the clock. They built Liberty ships faster than the Germans could sink them. After the war ended, people stayed on the water in Sausalito. They had nowhere else to go, so they lived rafted up in the wake of the Liberty Ships.

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Tahoe wildfire burn scars spur latest California gold rush for morel mushroom foragers

Explosions of morels in this forest and other burned areas of California are creating a new kind of gold rush, luring commercial and recreational mushroom hunters from around the state. They are hiking up mountainsides, searching the forest understory and peering into burned-out root pits to find these toothsome fungi.

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A Daring Dive

Concerned about shark finning in Costa Rica, I went out on a dive boat to investigate, and for the most epic experience of my life - diving with hammerhead sharks! 

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I love learning about plant medicines- including cannabis. For so long they have been reviled by our government and so we are just starting to learn about the benefits they have. These articles explore some of the new research. 

This is Your Brain on Weed, published by Neo.Life- now 

And Wine Country Gets Kind published in Edible Marin and Wine Country 

Anthologies My Work Has Been Featured In

January 2000 - February 2005


To view more articles that I've written, you can always check out my page on Muckrake.

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